GoTo Seat

The GoTo Seat is a lightweight
and portable support seat that promotes
.inclusion and participation in everyday life

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WeGo Puset

Özel ihtiyaçları olan çocuklar için hafif ve taşınabilir puset.

WeGo is a cool pushchair designed for your GoTo Seat. It's as lightweight, portable and snazzy-looking as any typical pushchair. But it has some hidden surprises.

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صممه ليكي

With over 35 years of experience in the design and clinical research of postural support equipment for children with special needs.



Firefly lateks

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We know that many children are allergic to Latex, and so Firefly take great care to ensure that all our Firefly products are Latex free.

Firefly Test Edilmiştir

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Our products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they are safe and conform to international standards for medical devices.

We absolutely LOVE it! It cradles him perfectly and since he is at the smallest setting it" will allow for so much growth

Silas, United States

"Thank you for my Splashy seat! Now I can enjoy the splash park with my brother!"

Caden, United States

"Playtime with all things slimey and yucky this morning!"

Frank, United Kingdom

"It's given him such joy when we're out as he can look about and have some independence back!"

Firefly Friend, United Kingdom

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