GoTo Viny
Postural Support Seat

GoTo Vinyl is a postural support seat for kids with special needs.

Our lightweight, portable seat just got even easier to use!

Promoting inclusion and participation in everyday life, GoTo’s new wipe-clean vinyl cover set make it perfect for nursery, school, therapy and busy homes.

Between spillages, dropped snacks, messy play and sticky hands – we know your GoTo can get it pretty tough! GoTo Vinyl makes cleaning your GoTo Seat even easier.

You still get all of the benefits of our GoTo seat, with the added bonus of a water resistant, durable, wipe clean material that is soft touch and in a vibrant new colour too!

Product Overview

  • Suitable for children aged 1-8 with a max user weight of 30kg/66lbs.

  • Optional floorsitter has 26 recline positions, from upright (106°) to right back (140°).

  • Height adjustable headrest and laterals allow you to reposition your GoTo as your child grows.

  • Wipe clean, water resistant, hard wearing vinyl covers.

The Benefits of GoTo Seat Vinyl

Goto Koltuk Portatif

Lightweight & Portable

This lightweight, portable seat is perfect for taking out and about. It folds completely flat, making it suitable for travelling and can be easily stored for it's next use.

Firefly Goto Koltuk Kırmızı

Easy to Clean

Perfect for busy households, classrooms and therapy. It's easy to clean, water resistant and durable covers makes it perfect for multiple users – all you need between sessions is some anti-bac wet wipes.

Goto Koltuk Hayatın İçinde

Countless Possibilities...

The GoTo Seat can be used with multiple children in a school or therapy setting, for feeding or dining out, messy play or floorsitting at nursery. The opportunities are endless!

Firefly Goto Koltuk Vinil kırmızı

Participation & Inclusion

GoTo Seat promotes inclusion and participation in everyday family life. It puts your youngster at the heart of the fun, letting them play on the floor with pals, enjoy picnics in the park and join in with the rest of the class.

What makes a GoTo Seat Vinyl?

Your child has a unique personality with unique abilities. Choose their favourite colours, size, and any accessories they might need, like the Floorsitter or pressure cushion.

Goto Koltuk Baş Dayama

Adjustable Head Supports

Pick a standard headrest for simple contoured comfort or the advanced headrest which offers more sculpted support.

Adjustable Laterals

The laterals move high, low, wide or narrow to give a reassuring ‘hug’, while the head support slides up and down to the ideal height. It keeps kids happy, safe and comfy.

Optional Floorsitter

The new and improved Floorsitter has 26 recline positions. It's ideal for finding the exact level of support your little one needs for playtime or a power nap.

Goto Koltuk Basınç Azaltıcı Yastık

Optional Pressure Cushion

The memory foam is scientifically-proven to distribute your child's weight evenly, so they can play even longer.

GoTo Seat Vinyl Size Guide

If a child is above 13kg/28.5lbs GoTo cannot be used in a shopping trolley. Size 2 GoTo seats are too large for use in shopping trolleys.

GoTo Seat
Size 1Size 2
Seat base to top of headrest Max540mm/21"680mm/27"
Seat base to top of headrest Min380mm/14"510mm/20"
Lateral support width Max260mm/10"300mm/12"
Lateral support width Min190mm/7.5"210mm/8"
Seat Depth 175mm/7"244mm/9.5"
Max Weight15kg/33lbs30kg/66lbs
Age Range1-3 years3-8 years

Goto Koltuk uçuş için uygun

Suitable for Flying

Goto Koltuk Tamamen Ayarlanabilir

Fully Adjustable

Splashy Big Banyo Su Geçirmez

Water Resistant

Goto Koltuk lateks

Latex Free

Goto Koltuk hafif

Lightweight & Portable

Goto Koltuk Cerebra dizayn

Designed with Cerebra

Getting the most from GoTo Seat

GoTo Activity Programme

We know from your feedback that the GoTo seat opens up endless opportunities for families to take part in fun activities together. Now, to help you get the very most out of these activities, we've created a GoTo Activity Programme.

Sitting securely and independently in the GoTo seat gives children the opportunity to develop lots of skills including gross motor, fine motor, visual motor, sensory, social and communication.

Goto Koltuk Aktiviteler

Getting Support for GoTo Seat

GoTo Activity Programme

To help you get the very most out of your GoTo Seat, we’ve created a GoTo Activity Programme.

GoTo Seat User Manual

Your step-by-step guide to setting up and using your GoTo Seat and floorsitter.

GoTo Vinyl

Introducing the new GoTo Vinyl. Perfect for school, nursery, therapy and a busy households.

GoTo Pressure-Relief Cushion

Your step-by-step guide to setting up and using your GoTo Pressure-Relief Cushion.

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