Firefly for Therapists

Firefly’s focus is on special needs family participation. Many of our products have however also established the ability to play successful roles within clinical settings to help aid early intervention and functional skill development for children.

Clinician’s worldwide have recognised the role and difference our products can make to the lives of families and children with special needs.


We have collated individual product factsheets, webinars for products and therapy ideas, printable PDF case studies, user manuals and activity programmes to help give you more information about our product range.

Case Histories

Hear some accounts of how Firefly products have enhanced therapy programmes and outcomes within clinical, school and home settings.

Find out what therapists think about our range of special needs products

" The Upsee is a very creative tool for me to use as her therapist and her family to use with Shelby to provide dynamic tactile input for sitting, standing and walking that can't be given as well thru wheelchairs, standers and gait trainers."

Dawne Harris
PT, Desert Regional Medical Center, Palm Springs, CA, USA

" The Upsee is a great therapy tool for gait activities, standing, side stepping activities and sit-to-stand transitions. It frees up my hands for facilitation for reciprocal arm swing and input into my client's base of support."

Lisa Madigan-Carey
PT, MS, C/NDT, Columbia MD, USA

" The Playpak is an amazing piece of equipment. It is versatile to most environments and allows children of all ability levels access to floor based activities in a safe and supported way, whilst encompassing their positional goals wherever they are."

Carla Horricks
PT, Stockport, UK

" Joshua has Spina Bifida. He mainly uses the Scooot when involved in floor play, e.g. completing large floor puzzles, construction, while playing in the block corner or home corner. Joshua is very comfortable in the Scooot and enjoys it immensely."

Lorraine Porter
Nursery School Teacher, Maralin Village Primary School, Northern Ireland

" I have been involved in the area of positioning and seating for young people with disabilities for some time now. The flexibility of the GoTo seat is extremely useful."

Lesley Beath
OT, Falkirk, Scotland

"For the child, the Upsee offers new possibilities, more independence, greater inclusion and much more accessibility in social environments. For the family it offers the possibility to interact better with their child or sibling and creates opportunities.."

Becky Featherstone
Conductive Education Practitioner, UK

"The Scooot is a great mixture of “toy” and therapy tool. It could make mainstream nursery so much more accessible for children with poor trunk balance and poor independent mobility."

Sheila Clayton
Highly Specialised Children’s Physiotherapist , Warwick, UK

Product Training

Depending on where you and/or your team are based, we can offer you in-person or online product training on the Firefly range, including Upsee and GoTo.

Product Guides

Browse our product guides and find out how our therapy programmes can help you get the most our of your Firefly product.

Upsee Assessment Kit for Therapists

The Upsee is an extremely popular addition to therapy, allowing therapists to further engage a child in movement exercises through activities of daily living.

It also lets children experience the benefits of upright movement, and it creates the possibility of social and emotional development by letting children interact with their peers at eye-level. It helps remove social barriers linked with disability that restricts a child’s level of participation and functioning.

The Upsee Assessment Kit has been created with therapists in mind. This complete kit allows therapists to not only work with a wide age range of children, but also facilitates growth.

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